Egypt, a Travel Symphony

Careening toward Cairo, my driver explained that Egyptians use their horns so constantly they’ve developed rhythmic codes to convey simple messages– messages like “go ahead,” or, more often, “watch out; I’m not yielding.” With no-one following lanes or limits, I could understand why. The sea of unfinished high-rises eventually gave way to a labyrinth of buildings from countless styles and eras, with skyscrapers towering over tenements, interspersed with busy markets, tanks, and wild dogs. It was the start of my journey in search of another Egypt– a civilization so old its ruins intrigued the ancient greeks. Ruins I had longed to visit since childhood, which have beguiled the world like nothing else.

Two years after that whirlwind trip, I’ve distilled my experiences and joys into my latest Travel Symphony painting. As with the melodies and movements in a symphony, I’ve combined many scenes into an elaborate work, to form connections and juxtapositions, and reflect the way one memory links with another. In this I have attempted to create a new visual language, a sort of dream landscape, physically impossible, yet capturing a truth about the interweaving nature of memory, experience, and imagination.

If these places captivate you too, I invite you to spend time with these artworks, and return over time, as you might with a novel, or music, or a place you’ve loved and longed to see again. And if you like it enough, I promise it makes a vast difference to own it in a larger and permanent format, and also helps me to keep traveling and bringing you these paintings! You can get it as an inexpensive poster print, a full-size fine art print, or even a hand-worked, individualized canvas painting. At 48” wide, (36” as a poster,) this is an ideal wall decoration, and a great gift for the history lover or wanderer in your life. As ever, please feel free to reach out, and thank you to everyone who shares and enjoys!

—Charlie Swerdlow


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